Meet Matt Haverty

Owner and Bartender –
Canaan Valley BBQ

Matt Haverty is passionate about the craft of barbecue. As Owner and Bartender of Canaan Valley BBQ, his focus is on delivering an exceptionally delicious Southern-style barbecue that is simple, expresses the true flavors of the meat, and pays homage to the tradition of real, authentic barbecue. As Matt says, β€œIt’s all about the meat!”

Bringing the Flavor of the Deep South to Canaan Valley

Matt grew up in Canaan Valley, where his dream was always to operate a restaurant. At age 14, he started working in the restaurant business, then continued learning the trade and exploring the flavors of the Deep South in his work with foods, and later as a professional bartender.

Matt is no mere carnivore. His enthusiasm for revealing all the best flavors held within pork, chicken, brisket, and ribs with only salt, water, and fire led him to pursue his passion to its natural fruition. As his interests grew, they became intertwined with what can only be termed an obsession with the craft of barbecue. Matt brings his skill for leveraging salt and smoke to create a legendary Southern-style barbecue back to his beloved mountains of West Virginia.